Celebrating Garrett Bedenbaugh with Chick-fil-A

Just about everyone here at the station knows that I can never pass up Chick-fil-A.

Some of the employees at the Chick-fil-A Five Points knows me by name. I think thatâ??s a problem (LOL).

Well I typically have Chick-fil-A Fridays with my co-workers (fun times)! After the show we head on over and have breakfast.

You may have heard by now that Good Day Columbiaâ??s Meteorologist Garrett Bendenbaugh has been certified
by the AMS.

Click here to read more about Garrett's process in his blog. Congrats once again Garrett.

Well in honor of Garrettâ??s latest success our News Director brought Chick-fil-A for us all!

So Corey Miller & I went decided to chronicle our journey to bring back Garrettâ??s celebration food. Enjoy!