Fore!! A day on the green

A photographer from the Augusta Chronicle snapped a picture of Corey Miller and I on the course.

Its the most prestigious tournament in the golf world and Tuesday, this non-golfing sports lover got a taste of The Masters at Augusta National.

Thanks to mother nature, Monday's practice round was cancelled. Things were a bit soggy out on the course Tuesday but I wasn't complaining because I could finally breathe and take it all in.

I was of course shocked that there was a "no cell phone" policy but realized it makes perfect sense because the golfers can't be distracted out on the green. So I powered my Iphone down after entering the main gate and handed it over at the "checkstand."

It was seriously like going through TSA security to get to the actual course. "Ma'am your badge must be visible, remove all items from your pockets, step through the detectors, proceed to the badge check desk," Ummmm wow, ok.

Finally, I was handed a spectators guide and inside at the practice range. Corey Miller, who scored the passes for the day from his golfing friend Jim Furyk, was going over the law of the land with me. Everything was so quiet and I was just taking it all in.

It was just the first day of practice and people were already flooding the course. We made it through the concessions to the actual course and it was like walking into another world! No seriously. What a beautiful golf course. The grass was greener, the trees were taller, the flowers were fuller and vibrant, I was at The Masters! How in the world did this happen? Lol

We walked over to te 10th hole to see Furyk after he came from the practice round and followed him for a bit. When we made it to the famous "Amen Corner," I learned a little tid bit about the Augusta National course that you may not know; the grounds keepers put bags of ice on the azaela's in the amen corner to keep them from blooming until the weekend of the competition. So on Friday they take up the bags and the flowers are ready for TV!

Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson, they were all out on the course practicing. While heading back to the clubhouse, we spotted Lynn Swann from the Pittsburg Steelers walking the course, in a green jacket. I shook his hand. Did I mention I'm a Steelers fan? Did I mention I saw Lynn Swann? Did I mention I shook his hand?!? Yes it was a big deal ok.

I'm summing this up in a blog but the experience was incredible. I wanted to take so many pictures but I didn't even think about not having my cell phone, I was just honored to be on a course that was graced by golfing greats!

We wrapped up the day with a trip to the concessions and I had to have the famous pimento cheese sandwich and the Georgia Peach ice cream sandwich. No, it wasn't the healthiest lunch but it's The Masters, you have to try it right?

All in all I've decided two things after my day, I want to learn to play golf and my future husband should plan a vacation for us the week of The Masters every year in Augusta.