Glasses free...but not because of LASIK

I may not have my glasses on, but it`s not what you think.

Earlier this week I wrote a blog about hopefully getting LASIK surgery very soon. Today that wish was ruled a no-go.

First, please note that this blog is not designed to serve as an endorsement for anyone or any company, and all thoughts are my personal feelings.

The staff at Columbia Eye Clinic is terrific. They ran scans of my eye last week and noticed there was a slight chance I would not be a candidate, but did not want to rule it out until the full eye exam.

It turns out I am what`s known as a â??Keratoconus Suspect.â?? Keratoconus is when your corner goes from being more rounded to more of a cone shape. It`s unknown what causes this, but there are signs the look for as red flags for developing it.

While I`m bummed about being ruled out as a candidate for LASIK I`m extremely grateful for Dr. Johnson at Columbia Eye Clinic. He explained everything to be in detail with examples, showed me my eye scans and what raised concerns, and never made me feel rushed.

So contacts and glasses will be the norm for me. But who knows what the future holds?!