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      Godâ??s not dead, heâ??s roaring like a lion

      COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Christian contemporary artists the Newsboys gracing the stage of the Pepsi Grandstand at the South Carolina State Fair last week.

      Hundreds of supporters coming out in Columbia to hear the band and their new single thatâ??s blazing the radio airwaves, "God's Not Dead."

      â??In a world today where people are talking about the non-existence of God, atheists, nonbelievers; we don't beat them and knock them down, we just say God's alive,â?? says Michael Tait, Newsboys lead singer.

      The lyrics of the popular song go on to say, "God's not dead he's surely alive; he's living on the inside, roaring like a lion."

      â??Lion represents strength. I think that God comes and resides in our hearts. When he does that it dictates everything that you do. I think the simple fact that we have morals in this society. Where does that sense of moral code come from?â?? says Duncan Phillips, Newsboys drummer.

      This single is just one of the many thought provoking songs on their recent project.

      â??Even pop culture they're preaching something, we might be preaching Jesus, but they're still preaching sex, drugs and rock n roll. Theyâ??re preaching money,â?? says Phillips.

      The concept of the CD centers around the world receiving breaking news about the existence of God.

      â??Nature screams it out, the oceans, rivers, water the taste buds in our tongues we are put together by an almighty fearfully and wonderfully made,â?? says Tait.

      For many going to a Newsboys concert, they find out its not your typical Christian concert. It's highly energized and they're known for pulling out some surprising acts.

      The group says what they sing about comes from their devotion to Christ.

      â??I've never been big on shoveling down anything in somebody's throat. We share our faith from the stage; its fun and exciting, itâ??s what we believe. Itâ??s worked for us, try it out,â?? says Tait.

      The God's Not Dead live album hits stores nationwide Monday October 22.

      The group is also focusing on the American Music Awards.

      They were nominated under the favorite artist contemporary inspirational category along with Jeremy Camp and Toby Mac, two other well known Christian artists.

      The American Music Awards are set to take place Sunday November 18 at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.