Jayoncé strikes again: Jay-Z and Beyoncé announce summer tour

My line sisters and I at the Beyonce concert in 2013.

In my imaginary celebrity life, the Obama's are my aunt and uncle, Oprah is my godmother, LaLa Anthony (Carmelo Anthony's wife) is my best friend, and Beyoncé Knowles is my sister.

It sounds good right?

Well any who, if you know me you'd know that Beyoncé is my all-time favorite person in the world (besides the Great I am, Jesus Christ). I will cut any conversation short at the drop of a Beyoncé beat, commercial, promo...whatever...she's that awesome!

And what makes her even more great.....she's going back on tour with her hubby! That's right...Jay-Z and Beyoncé will be on tour this summer.

"Jayonce" strikes again!

The couple just announced the summer tour last week. So far, dates have been set for Atlanta, GA and New York City.

I've been to two of Beyoncéâ??s concerts. One in Chicago in 2009, and last year in Charlotte,NC. And trust meâ?¦her concerts are worth every penny!

It's a big ol' family affair, everyone singing and dancing to her songs, and having a good time.

The way Beyoncé and Jay-Z will redo all of their collaborations to give fans something new will give me chills, and pictures/quotes that will take over your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook timelines (get ready to mute me that day if you're not a fan).

*grabs my latest Beyoncé DVD to practice dance moves*

Time to whip out my Beyoncé hair and pumps, because this will be a concert I will never forget. Go King Bey!

*grabs vacation in advance forms and cuts on "Flawless"*