Minding your mic

You know, it's amazing, ever since we've started streaming WACH Fox News at Ten live on the internet, I'm minding my mic more than ever. People may not be able to see us during commercial breaks, but they sure can hear everything we say and clearly; some of the viewers have let us know.

To all my young journalist friends out there and those still in school working on college newscasts, a warning to you: mind your mic. Get accustomed to it now, because if you say something that offends someone or you get caught using profane language it can get you in a world of trouble with your station and maybe even result in a job loss.

Some of you may recall what happened to former news anchor AJ Clemente, who on his first day on the air, got caught swearing just as his newscast was starting. I felt so sorry for the guy. Some of my friends in the business told me not to because he's old enough to know better, but I looked at it as a good lesson for him because when you're doing live TV, sometimes your microphone is opened earlier than you expect. His station didn't see it that way and ended up letting him go.

So again, you've been warned: mind your mic.