NY baseman Daniel Murphy you hit a homerun as a dad

My daughter and I after getting out the hospital.

As a new father, I was really turned off by the remarks from, New York radio hosts Boomer Esiason, Craig Carton and Mike Francesa.

They criticized Mets' baseball star, Daniel Murphy, for taking paternity leave to be with his new baby and his wife.

According to their comments, one could infer that they believed Murphy could miss this important moment.

In addition, because of his financial status, personal resources could be made so that he didnâ??t have to miss opening day.


These comments may have been to stir the pot. Who knows, but as for me, the thought of missing the birth of my child is absurd.

There are issues that come up and some guys canâ??t make it in time to the birth, I get that. However, if you can, I believe we as dadâ??s should make every effort.

I recall when my wife went into labor five months ago, I made SURE I was there.

So many times in society fathers get a bad reputation for not being there.

Contrary to popular belief, youâ??re not only there for the new baby, but your wife as well.

I can remember I was just wrapping up a live shot about a shooting here in Richland County when my wife started feeling contractions.

While at the hospital I noticed how my presence made her feel so much better.

I can remember holding her hand, fixing her pillow, getting her water, and making jokes to keep her laughing through the pain.

I will never forget what it felt like seeing my daughter for the first time and cutting the umbilical cord.

After the birth, I took two weeks off. It was paid because I used up sick time and vacation that I saved up for this occasion.

According to my wife, those two weeks off were a God-sent. As she recovered, I was able to help around the house, get food, clean etc.

This gave her time to stay in bed and feel better.

As a father, I say good for you Daniel Murphy!

You will never be able to turn the hand of time and see the birth of that child.

I know that some people say: "once youâ??ve seen one birth, youâ??ve seen them all." For me, knowing that each child is special and unique in their own way, I will continue to make an attempt to be present for all of the births.