This is an ignorant day...10 years later

The picture in the middle is from video from other chasers that the Weather Channel has aired. The rest of the photos are mine from that crazy storm chase in Attica, KS

May 12, 2004â?¦what a select number of us refer to â??An ignorant day!â?? That was the day that I and the Mizzou Storm Chase team chased throughout southwestern Kansas and experienced a very intense day of tornados.

The strongest tornado I`ve every chased occurred that day in Attica, KS. Video of the tornado destroying a home and picking the entire roof up is popular video from the storm. The home owners were not harmed as the listened to the warning and sought shelter in their basement.

Everything I witnessed that day is still fresh on my mind as if it just happened. We actually had to abandon the chase and seek shelter in a retirement home because the sun was setting and tornados were on the ground all around Attica preventing us from leaving.

So why would I find excitement in chasing something so dangerous, and something that can cause so much destruction? Education! Every storm I`ve chased I learn something new, observe something new, become smarter at what I do. If a tornado were to strike the Midlands then I would truly be able to tell you what to look for, what to do, based off of actual experience.

The individuals I chased with are some of the smartest people I know! Emily â??Rosieâ?? Sutton, Willie Gilmore, Dan Hinch, Marc Dahmer, Chris Schultz, and Caleb Schulteâ?¦I can speak for us all when I say it`s a day we will never forget!