Watching dreams come true; itâ??s always amazing! Congrats to Jadeveon Clowney

<p> <font size="3"> <font face="Calibri">Clowney number 1 draft pick</font> </font> </p>

I love it when people get the live their dreams! I was reminded of this after watching round 1 of the NFL Draft and seeing former Gamecock Great Jadeveon Clowney picked at Number 1 by the Houston Texans.

A few weeks before Clowney told a crowd of sports reporters that he wanted to be the number 1 draft pick and it happened.

Iâ??ve got to say it didnâ??t just happen by luck, this young man worked for it. Clearly, he did the things some people didnâ??t want to do in days past to get the thing that some people donâ??t have today and thatâ??s the bragging right of being chosen number 1 in the countryâ??s most popular professional sports draft.

Oh, and now he gets to fulfill another one of his dreams; buying his mom a house.

Let his success be a lesson to all of us. A little hard work can take you far in this life.