Whatever happened to dressing for success?

Iâ??ve noticed something lately and so have a lot of my friends whoâ??ve worked in the TV news business for a while. A lot of people are showing up to job interviews not looking their best and it bothers me; it shouldnâ??t, but it does. And Iâ??m only talking about the TV news business here because Iâ??m familiar with this industry.

In a business that canâ??t help but focus on a personâ??s looks, it amazes me that someone hustling to find a job in a competitive field wouldnâ??t show up to their interview looking like a million bucks, regardless of the position theyâ??re applying for. One would think that an applicant would want the person doing the hiring to look at them and imagine them in the position theyâ??re trying to fill.

If youâ??re a student or a budding journalist, always remember dress for the job you want not the job right now. So if you're seeking an internship but your long term goal is being a reporter or news anchor, dress the part. When you come dressed to impress, it also indicates to the interviewer that â??this person is serious about this job opportunity.â??

So, what do I mean by folks not looking their best? Well, Iâ??m talking about people who show up in jeans (men and women), extra tight dresses or skirts or wearing high heels that are more suitable for a different line of work; if you catch my drift. Confidence, not arrogance, and a smile are the best accessories.

Remember, appearances do matter and the chance of landing a job increases if an applicant is overdressed as opposed to under-dressed. Studies show 55 percent of an initial impression is based on how you look and only seven percent on what you say.

Whatâ??s your take on this issue? Should I just accept that times are changing or is it still okay to expect someone to dress professionally if theyâ??re looking for work?