Miss SC Pageant is a win for Midlands' economy

Miss South Carolina pageant

COLUMBIA (WACH)â??In 2011, the Miss South Carolina Pageant made its move to the Capital City.

â??Itâ??s becoming a signature event for the city.â?? said Bill Ellen, CEO of Midlands Tourism.â?? More people are associating the event with Columbia and we are expecting 3000 people at the event Saturday night.â??

Since calling Columbia home, the pageant has created an economic boom for the city.

Ellen says Columbia is making over $555,000 in direct revenue.

With over 100 contestants checking in last Friday, hotels have seen the biggest impact. Family and friends checking in throughout the week have hotels booked out in the famously hot city.

Itâ??s a weeklong event. There are over 100 contestants and over a thousand hotel rooms contracted out for the contestants and their family. Those numbers will expand with family members and friends for Saturdayâ??s event.

With so many people enjoying the pageant, Ellen hopes the Midlands will continue to host the event.

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