Mother, daughter both graduate on Mother's Day weekend


Orangeburg, S.C. (WACH) -- Graduation Day is a milestone many parents hope to share with their children someday. But for one family it's even more special.

Joyce Davis and Jasmin Davis are mother and daughter, respectively, and both graduated May1 2 from the same university, South Carolina State University.

"I was a little apprehensive about sharing the day with her because I wanted the spotlight on her," said Joyce Davis. "But when I found out how excited she was, I got on the bandwagon and I am thoroughly excited."

Joyce Davis graduated with her Doctorate in Education, while her daughter, Jasmin, graduated with a Bachelor's in Speech Pathology.

Her mother was originally an English major, and Jasmin follows in the footsteps of a woman she says she has looked up to her whole life.

"I've always admired my mom's passion and her strive to do what's right," said Jasmin Davis.

It was a graduation gift that kept on giving.

The family recently went through a battle with the father and husband of the house, who had recently gone through surgery concerning problems with his heart.

"I'm just thankful he can be here today," said Jasmin Davis.

The Davis Duo find it symbolic that graduation day came on the same weekend as Mother's Day.

"I take this to be my Mother's Day present," said Joyce Davis. "This is my mother's day present. But it's also a mother's day present to MY mother, who is 87-years-old and she will be here."

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