OnPoint on WACH Fox: How Democrats and Republicans can work with President Trump

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - This week on OnPoint on WACH Fox, we look at how Democrats and Republicans will work with the Trump administration.

The first two weeks of President Trump's administration have been a dizzying period of executive orders and appointments, some controversial, others confusing. It has caused public outcry from people in the United States and abroad.

One particular executive order, the travel ban restricting people from seven mostly Muslim countries from entering the United States, sparked complaints from both Democrats and Republicans alike.

Then on Wednesday, Democrats boycotted two Senate confirmation hearings, blocking the way for key Trump cabinet positions.

This week on OnPoint on WACH Fox, how will Republicans and Democrats work with the Trump administration? Could it be a rocky ride?

We also turn our attention to some community issues in the Midlands. We are talking with two representatives from Columbia's Talented Tenth about an upcoming conference aimed at keeping the area's best and brightest young professionals in the region.

Plus, we look at the importance of discipline and leadership in the lives of children, particularly young boys. Two local men are reaching young men through a unique program called Mats to Men, which uses Olympic-style wrestling to instill values and discipline in the lives of children. If you'd like to find out more about that program you can call BJ Jones at 803-514-8319.

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