OnPoint on WACH Fox: Living with leukemia and lymphoma

COLUMBIA, SC (WACH) - On this week's edition of OnPoint on WACH we look at living with leukemia and lymphoma.

Comedian Charlie Murphy recently died at the age of 57 from leukemia. He kept his illness a secret, so his death was shocking to so many since only a few people knew he was sick.

A recent study showed that African-American leukemia patients are more likely to die from the disease than patients of other ethnicities. The reason for the disparity is not certain, but some experts attribute it to delays in diagnosis, dif?culty getting care or maybe even socioeconomic status.

On this week's OnPoint on WACH, we talk to experts and survivors. We'll tell you about a healthy competition you can get involved in to raise money for the cause and spread awareness.

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