OnPoint on WACH Fox: The healthcare debate

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WACH) - On this week's edition of OnPoint on WACH Fox we examine the new healthcare debate in this country.

Last week, Republicans in the U.S. House took steps to make good on their pledge to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act by rolling out the American Health Care Act. The plan would toss out many of Obamacare's signature features like replacing monthly subsidies with annual tax credits--placing the responsibility to manage their own health care needs and coverage.

The Democrats and Republicans' seem to have dueling ideologies when it comes healthcare. According to Democrats, the Affordable Care Act put healthcare within reach for millions of people who were previously uninsured. Some got it when Medicaid expanded. Others took advantage of hundreds of dollars in federal subsidies each month to make their premiums affordable.

Now, a nonpartisan budget analysis says 14 million Americans will lose healthcare next year under the American Health Care Act, and by 2026 the number is estimated at 24 million people.

On this week's program we look at the some of the details of the plan and the ideologies of the two political parties when it comes to healthcare.

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