Deez Nuts for president? Independent candidate has strong showing in polls

Deez Nuts_WJLA

Independent presidential candidate Deez Nuts is pulling some impressive numbers at the polls.

A recent study by Public Policy Polling (PPP) showed the candidate polling at 9 percent in North Carolina, 8 percent in Minnesota and 7 percent in Iowa.

According to The Daily Beast the "Presidential Sensation is a 15-year-old farm boy."

The 15-year-old behind the "candidate" is Brady Olson, The Daily Beast reported.

Olson told The Daily Beast he realized he could file to run for President after hearing about a cat who, as NPR reported was entered by his owner's 17-year-old friend.

Olson reportedly filed to run for President with the FEC on July 26 using the pseudonym.

More results from the poll are available here.