Police officer's Facebook post draws criticism after car wreck

krystale ciara jones

ASHEVILLE, NC (WLOS) -- The Asheville Police Department is investigating a controversial Facebook post by one of its patrol officers, Krystale Jones.

Jones caused a wreck on Fairview Road last Wednesday when APD said she misjudged her distance when driving with lights and sirens around two drivers who were parked at a left turn signal.

Jones hit the rear-end of one of the cars causing that car to then rear-end the car in front of it.

However, the next morning is when Jones responded to a friend on Facebook who saw Jones' photo she posted of herself with a cast on her arm. The friend asked Jones what happened.

Jones responded with a post on Facebook saying, "Here's the story, they didn't get out of my way. Responding to an emergency call, so I hit him. Lesson Learned. Get out of my way. Lol."

Meanwhile APD said Jones was to blame for the wreck that has left driver Ricardo Barajas without a car. Barajas was also injured and taken to the hospital after the wreck.

He did not wish to comment on what happened or the Facebook post by the officer fearing retaliation. But he said he is working two jobs in two different restaurants and has been forced to borrow his cousin's car while he waits to find out if APD's insurance carrier will expedite the claim to help get him a vehicle or his old one repaired.

Another driver whose car was damaged in the wreck looked at Jones' Facebook post and wondered what she really meant by posting such a comment.

"Seems rather childish for someone who works for APD," driver Kendall McKinney said. "She needs to have something said to her because it's kind of ridiculous, not very professional."

On Monday, APD had no comment other than to say it is a personnel matter and remains under investigation.

Rondell Lance, President of the Fraternal Order of Police said all officers should be well aware of the social media policy.

"Anything you put on there is going to be seen by the whole community," Lance said.

Jones had taken down the post and photo of herself that News 13 obtained Monday.

On Tuesday, Christina Hallingse with the Asheville Police Department sent News 13 the city's ethics policy. Hallingse said personnel social media conduct falls under this policy.

This story comes from our sister station WLOS in Asheville.

Asheville Police Department Ethics Policy