Black Friday the Midlands way


"We arrived here yesterday morning at 12:30 in the morning", says Paul Avery.

"What time did we get here? 3am| 2am", says Shane Smiling.

From the looks of it you'd think this long line is for a rock concert but not so.

Hundreds camping out for days at this Best Buy all in preparation for door buster sales on Black Friday.

For folks like Paul Avery this is his 9th year participating in the morning madness.

This year I just got the 1st coupon for the laptop $189 which is a good bargain, says Paul Avery.

Like many others Paul says this is the day to purchase Christmas gifts and the hassle is all worth it.

"They even had a port-o-potty for us here so we don TMt go to the bushes or go leave the premises, says Paul Avery.

Electronic and department stores usually have a greater advantage from Black Friday sales.

But what about locally owned businesses?

We stopped by Wish at Five Points.

This store has a great variety to choose from like any other department store.

They liked it here because it TMs not so crowded. We TMre doing 50% off all of our sale merchandise ten dollars off shoes, handbags and for jackets, says Miranda Druga.

Miranda says despite the unstable economy this year's Black Friday was different.

"I TMve worked here for over a year now and alot of people been in today alot more than last year so big improvement, says Miranda Druga.

Mall Times:

Columbiana Centre:

Saturday 8am-10pm

Sunday 1:30pm-7pm

Columbia Place:

Saturday 9am-10pm

Sunday 11am-7pm

Dutch Square:

Saturday 8am-9pm

Sunday 11am-7pm

Richland Mall:

Saturday 9am-9pm

Sunday 12:30pm-6pm

Village at Sandhill:

Saturday 10am-9pm

Sunday 12pm-6pm