Camden business blue over Blue Laws

Photo Credit: Sara Jane Harris

COLUMBIA (WACH) - In November voters in the city of Camden will get the chance to overturn Blue Laws that prevent them from buying alcohol on Sundays.

The move could bring big business to restaurants and alcohol merchants in the city.

Sam Kendall's in downtown Camden is open for business six days a week and closed on Sundays.

"Six days is good, but seven would be better," said Sam Kendall TMs Owner Jonathan Bazinet.

Bazinet says his restaurant is one of many in the city that stays closed on Sunday because blue laws prevent them from selling alcohol.

"In the industry, Sunday is the second or third busiest day of the week. So in a city like Camden when we aren't open, we miss what is potentially a really good sales day," said Bazinet.

The businessman says alcohol contributes to more than 25 percent of his weekly sales and when it TMs not available its hard to fill seats.

"People want to enjoy dinner with a glass of wine or cocktail, it's all part of the dining experience and going out and that's a big part of the experience here," said Bazinet.

But for business owners like Bazinet, there's a glimmer of hope.

In November when city voters head to the polls, the option of selling beer and liquor on Sundays will be on the ballot.

"It would make my business more valuable, It would also make all of the real estate downtown more valuable and help business, help with jobs and help the cities tax space," said Bazinet.

However not everyone is on board with the idea. Supporters of Blue Laws said they provide a uniform day of rest and reduce workloads.But as for Bazinet - the possibility of opening on Sundays keeps him positive.It TMs just a win-win for everybody, I think it TMs a no brainer, said Bazinet.