Days numbered for Columbia stadium

Capital City Stadium on Assembly / Google

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- A piece of baseball history in Columbia could be giving way to a shopping center in the near future.

Old Capital City Stadium is on the auction block.

This week, Columbia City Council approved a contract for the sale of the stadium to an Atlanta-based developer that works with a worldwide retail giant.

Officials would not confirm if a Walmart will replace the landmark on Assembly Street, but the site is being considered for retail.

According to Columbia Development Corporation director Fred Delk, the nearly six acre property is an attractive location for developers.

Not only is Assembly Street equipped to handle increased traffic, Delk says some 60,000 people work within a one-mile radius of the stadium.

He adds, if a big-box store, like Walmart were to locate in downtown, it could attract even more business.

But don't expect to see any changes to that area in the near future. Delk believes the sale process will take at least a year.