Energy expo educates

The first Lexington County Energy Expo took place at 5605 Bush River Road in Columbia from 10-6 this Friday.

Exhibitors were on hand to educate the public on a variety of topics, including recycling, Energy-Efficient appliances and seminars on making your house more energy efficient. Those who visit the expo experience a variety of hands on exhibits, from recycling demonstrations to hybrid cars to a USC funded segue that runs on a hydrogen cell.

Faith Alexander, Development and Special Projects assistant for Lexington County, points out how easy it can be to start saving energy. " Just turning out a light is one start. Changing a bulb from incandescent to CFLs... Checking insulation around your windows and doors are simple, low cost ways you can improve energy efficiency."

Alexander expects the day to be a learning experience for visitors. "I hope that they just get a lot of information, I hope they can get some ideas of things they can do better in their homes and lifestyles, I hope they're able to educate themselves with some of the vendors out here."

One attendee we talked to, Natayzha Davis, called the Expo "Informative," saying she found out info that she can apply to her home as a renter as well as share with family. A fact that surprised Natayza was the tax credits available for replacing windows, doors and appliances, saying she felt it was almost like getting paid to save money.

For a full directory of Energy Tax Incentives, visit The South Carolina Energy Office's Website.