Fans cope with their football craze

Sports fans flock to watch games. / FILE

COLUMBIA (WACH) - Devoted football fans will be spending hours in front of their TVs or at stadiums cheering their teams on this fall.

"And through that fan-ship, they identify with their team, and when the team is number one, then the people who root for them are number one, and I think that's a good thing," said Columbia area psychologist Fred Medway.

Medway says football is a great outlet, and a great distraction from the everyday rigors of life, but too much football watching can wreck relationships with your family. Medway recommends communicating with your family about your passion for the game.

"They basically need to get those things worked out now. Talk about it, do it in terms of balance, look at their schedule."

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Many Gamecock fans will have their eyes glued to the TV when the USC football season kicks off this Saturday when South Carolina takes on East Carolina in Charleston.

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