Gas prices up a dime after weeks of declines

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COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Gas prices in the Midlands saw a big jump this weekend following weeks of declines.

The average cost per gallon for unleaded fuel in Columbia climbed 10.9 cents, averaging $3.25 according to That's up 62 cents from last year, and around six cents lower than one month ago.

But Columbia isn't alone when it comes to soaring trends. The national average went up more than six cents to $3.49.

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"Highlighting what I've reiterated for weeks, we're seeing gasoline prices continue their volatile trend, and this time that trend is upward," said Patrick DeHaan, Senior Petroleum Analyst. "So far, the national average hasn't taken off like the number of Detroit Lions football fans, but I do expect that over the next week, we'll see a continued rise in gasoline prices. Prices will rise slowest in the Rockies, while moving fastest in the Great Lakes, as we've already witnessed. It's important to note that wholesale gasoline prices are now at their highest since early September, when the national average was $3.66/gallon," DeHaan added.

There is good news despite the increase. South Carolina still carries the lowest average prices for gasoline. Spartanburg, Myrtle Beach, Greenville and Columbia all rank in the top ten cities with cheap gas.

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