Group has formula on how to find and keep a job

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- With the state's unemployment rate at 11.1% a regional group is trying to get some in the Midlands back to work.

Job creation, building character and transforming lives through the dignity of work is the theme for Jobs for Life.

It TMs a non-profit organization group based in Raleigh, North Carolina that combines the help of different churches and community groups that will go out and help train individuals who don't have any luck finding or keeping a job.

A Columbia chapter is now open.

We are going to use it for our own people and we feel that it has the potential of getting people the necessary tools the soft skills to get a job and maintain that job, says Fred Kotoske, Midlands Taco Bell Franchisee.

The program is being sponsored in part by Taco Bell, Columbia Crossroads Church and the Veer Community Development.