Leaves starting to change color in SC

Photo Credit: FILE

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- As the temperatures become mild in the Palmetto State, leaves are starting to change color in portions of the Upstate.

And with all of the people expecting to travel to the mountains, tourists want to know what to expect.

One park ranger at Table Rock State Park is sharing his updates online.

Ranger Scott Stegenga says certain trees are already beaming with color, including dogwoods and sourwoods. You can check out his updates by clicking here.

And when it comes to the Midlands, SkyWACH Weather Anchor Henry Rothenberg says we can expect to see some color changes here as well.

"Fall color has more to do with the angle of the sun, rather than the temperatures," Rothenberg explains.

So before the leaves fall to the ground, we should see spots of color pop-up around the area.

Peak changes in South Carolina generally occur in late October.

And with all of the leaf seekers expecting to travel, the state should experience an economic boost.

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Will you be traveling to take in some fall foliage? Leave a comment below and share your favorite places to see the yellows, reds and oranges around the state.