Midlands seafood unaffected by oil spill, worst to come

The impact of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has yet to reach the Midlands according to various restaurants and stores.

However, Palmetto Seafood Company off of Gervais Street is preparing for some rough water ahead.

The store owner says he hasn't seen any real changes as of yet, but thinks the current stability in the market is the calm before the storm.

"Especially with oysters because in Louisiana alone, they harvest 250 million pounds a year and that's going to be affected for years to come," says Lucious Moultrie of the Palmetto Seafood Company.

Moultrie says the majority of his seafood comes from the Gulf Coast.

Over at Mr. Friendly's restaurant, they serve various high-end seafood dishes.

Managers say while they're not paying more for fish yet, they're also bracing for the unknown.

"We haven't really seen too much change right now," explains Michael Fomby, Mr. Friendly's Manager. "But our distributors have let us know that there could be some changes going on and what's available and certainly some of the pricing."

Fomby adds that a majority of the seafood served at Mr. Friendly's comes from the East Coast.

The snapper, soft shell crab and shrimp will see extreme price hikes since the summer months are an opportune time for such dishes.