Occupy Columbia protesters sleeping outside State House

Occupy Columbia protests continue outside the State House.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Occupy Columbia protesters gathered for the third day outside the State House and many of them don TMt plan on leaving anytime soon.

The group is rallying for economic change. Protesters say they TMre part of the 99% that elected leaders in this state and country don TMt listen to, because they TMre not rich or privileged.

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We just want democracy to work again, says protester David Arroyo.

Many of the demonstrators have been sleeping outside the State House since the protest began Saturday. They TMre not allowed to set up tents on the grounds, so they TMre sleeping in sleeping bags.

It TMs about more than money. It TMs about making a difference in our society, says Melissa Harmon, who TMs been protesting since Saturday.

USC political scientist Bob Oldendick is surprised the movement has picked up so much momentum so quickly. Despite that, he says it will be an uphill battle for protesters until their goals are clearly defined.

Oldendick says, At this point, the focus has been on Wall Street. But that TMs not where the solution lies. It relies in Washington.

The protests in Columbia have remained peaceful. Demonstrators also say law enforcement officers have been treating them well.