Sanford names new unemployment agency director

Governor Mark Sanford has announced Retired Air Force General John Finan as his pick for Interim Director of the New Department of Employment and Workforce.

Given his experiences as a leader in both the academic world, military world, and civilian service world, we think he is well suited for the job, said Governor Sanford.

"I want to be the governors change agent, I want come in and restructure and remold the activity, and get on the right track to putting people in jobs, said Finan.

In April, Governor Sanford signed the Employment Security Commission Reform Bill that made the jobless agency officially part of his cabinet.

Sanford said Finan has decades of experience in handling government budget and is the right man for the job to give the agency accountability and transparency.

We need somebody who will lead within the agency, said Governor Sanford.

Finan will serve as the Interim Director until 2011 but said he isn TMt worried about the short amount of time he TMll have to turn around the problem plagued commission.

I think it TMs good because I believe in being a team player, I think you set up a team, get a the structure right and the future takes care of itself, said Finan.