Shoppers enjoy tax-free weekend

Shoppers have until midnight Sunday to enjoy the tax-free weekend.

Columbia (WACH) -- It's a shopping frenzy this weekend as South Carolinians start racking up on school items, all tax-free.

Starting at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, shoppers were rushing to take advantage of the big tax break. It's a buyers paradise for those looking to save big bucks, all while enjoying some summer specials.

Joe Nathan Jones, is one of many South Carolinians looking to take full advantage of deep discounts. Jones says in addition to the unbeatable prices, the best deal comes at checkout when the sales tax disappears.

"It's important because I'm helping my granddaughter," said Jones.

"It's a wonderful opportunity for them to save money," said WalMart Store Manager Brian Dickart.

Dickart has been working around the clock to make sure customers know about the bargains. He says the weekend offers a chance to be a smart shopper.

"Your computers, computer units themselves, computer software, things like that, those are the big ticket items," said Dickart.

Dickart knows the tax-free weekend is good for both customers and companies.

"It's a win-win for everyone," said Dickart. "We have everything over there from your back to school necessities, as well as the food items, and the snack items. We try to create an environment where they can come in and pick up their items, get what they need and get them out quickly."

Joe Nathan Jones says he's all about getting in, getting out and getting discounts along the way.

"Especially for men, we don't like to go everywhere," said Jones. "We like to make it simple. Get it and go."

Shoppers have until midnight Sunday to enjoy the tax-free weekend.