State newspaper lays off more staff

Former editorial page editor Brad Warthen worries the decline of newspapers makes it more difficult for the public to get in-depth local news.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- The State newspaper announced another round of layoffs Wednesday in an effort to cut costs as circulation declines.

Wednesday's announcement of 12 job cuts marks the third round of layoffs for the paper in 18 months. The paper shed more than a dozen workers in June 2008 and 38 workers in March of this year.

Former editorial page editor Brad Warthen was laid off as part of those reductions. He now runs the popular local blog, and he said he worries the decline of traditional print journalism hurts the public discourse.

"People are going to find it harder and harder to get really accurate, in-depth, local news, so that they know what's going on in their communities," said Warthen.

Warthen said he's confident the public still wants in-depth reporting, but the print media industry has yet to discover a sustainable model.