Top Five Things You Need to Know on July 30th

Top Five Things You Need to Know on July 30th

COLUMBIA (WACH) â?? Here are the Top Five Things You Need to Know today:

Right now, military boosters are writing letters to show support for Fort Jackson. The campaign is designed in hopes of avoiding cuts or closures at the base. The army wants to hear by August 25 if there is local support for the base. Forty-Five thousand are trained at Fort Jackson every year.

New details in the investigation of VA hopsitals. An internal Audit showed schedulers at several hospitals received instruction to falsify data. Schedulers say supervisors directed them to manipulate information so they could meet performance goals. Those goals helped top officials receive bonuses. VA Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned over the scandal In May.

Nearly two weeks after Malaysian Flight MH17 was blown out of the sky, investigators still canâ??t get to the crash site. Pro-Russian rebels control the area of Ukraine where the Boeing 7-77 went down. The rebels have handed officials the black boxes from the plans and some human remains. 298 passengers were aboard the flight.

This morning President Obama heads to Missouri. As part of his two day trip the Commander-in-Chief will address the status of the economy. Obama met with Americans who wrote letters about personal economic challenges in the state.

The wife of a doctor battling the Ebola virus released a public statement this morning. In the statement, she thanked everyone for their words of comfort and acts of kindness. Dr. Kent Bradly contracted the deadly virus while completing mission work in West Africa. Ebola has a 90 percent fatality rate but early treatment increases the victimâ??s chances of survival.