Track your tax refund through your cell phone

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Saldrina Chestnut has prepared taxes for five years at Customers First tax services.

She says this year some tax services and laws have changed.

But what seems to peak everyone's interest are the new cell phone apps.

It will cut down on a lot of the phone calls of the taxpayers calling the offices," says Saldrina Chestnut.

The IRS has given the green light for the iPhone and Android phones to have a tax return tracking app.

With just a click you can figure out when to expect your refund.

Some folks say it's a good idea, but maybe too risky.

"If your phone is not password protected and somebody hacks into or you lose it, its just to easy nowadays and people are getting too smart in how to access your personal information, says phone customer Felicia Singletary.

The apps also contain updated tax tips.

Chestnut says if folks access these tips it could reduce the amount of time they spend at the tax office.

"A lot of them come in they want to know how much they have to make in order to file taxes. Also how much children they can claim.

The IRS has also increased the adoption credit, the alternative minimum tax exemption and several tax breaks have been extended.

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