Woman waiting in line for almost a full day for donuts

Kimberly Eure-James was in line at 10 Monday morning.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- The hot lights at the new Krispy Kreme on Garners Ferry Road in Columbia came on at 6 a.m. Tuesday morning.

One woman couldn't wait. Kimberly Eure-James was in line at 10 Monday morning.

Eure-James camped out overnight to be first in line when the new shop opened. She had her laptop, Ipod and a couple of books with her to stay busy.

It TMs a tradition that when new Krispy Kreme stores open for business, the first person in line gets a free dozen donuts every week for year. Eure-James is looking forward to her long awaited prize.

I'm originally from Michigan and I remember when the Krispy Kreme opened there and I wish I had the opportunity to be in line so I didn't want to miss it this time here in Columbia, she says.

She's early, that's good we have people travel from several states to come do this so she lucked out. This is her first time in line and hopefully she'll get her free donuts, said General Manager Lauren McGraw.

Eure-James says she won't eat all of the donuts she gets because her waistline can't handle it. She TMll give most of them to family and friends.

The next 49 people in line after her will get a free dozen donuts each month for year.

Would you camp out overnight for free donuts? Leave your comments below and let us know why.