Businesses ramp up hiring as USC students return to Columbia

USC sophomore Korey Smith said Tuesday he was hoping to find a position in finance at the part-time job fair.

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- South Carolina has one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation, so USC student Korey Smith was relieved to find some potential work when he returned to campus this week.

It makes you feel more optimistic about the job market to know that there are still positions out there, Smith says.

On Tuesday, the university in partnership with the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce held a part-time job fair.

According to organizers, the third annual event is the biggest on record with 40 employers offering positions in everything from retail to technology located on and off-campus.

We have 30,000 students at the university and that is a significant impact on area businesses. Employers don't come to this event to just talk to students, but rather hire them, adds Tom Halasz, director of the USC Career Center.

Some 800 students attended the part-time job fair with the hopes of filling every opportunity available.