Columbia High School holds mock election

Students at Columbia High had a chance to cast a ballot in Tuesday's mock election.

Just seven days and counting, until you head to the ballot box.

On Tuesday, some Columbia High School students got a head start on the political process. Even though they're not old enough to vote, they got to cast ballots in a mock election.

For Columbia High Senior, Alessandra Younger, Tuesday's mock election is practice for the real deal on November 4.

"It's very empowering since this is my first time," Younger said. "It means a lot to me because I get to let my voice get heard. I get to make a change."

The newly registered voter is excited about participating in the upcoming election.

"History is going to be made," Younger adds. "And I'm going to help make history."

For classmates Gabrielle Jenkins and LaPorcha Chapman, this out of the classroom assignment offers real world lessons.

"I get to understand the process, and some people don't get that much experience," Jenkins explains. "This is an important election."

"To see all the students really dedicated to come vote, is really amazing to see," Chapman added.

Teacher Autumn Perkins organized the mock election to help bring history and government lessons to life.

"I've really seen a lot of discussion over here in the lunch room, students educating students. And that's really what I want to see," Perkins said. "I'm hoping my students educate and motivate their parents and their community to turn out next Tuesday."

Many Columbia High students are too young to vote, but they're showing they're not too young to get involved.