Fewer Blacks are attending some SC Colleges

State education numbers show African American students are applying to many South Carolina colleges. But the number who actually attend is a different story. Black enrollment is down at institutions like USC, Clemson and the College of Charleston.

"I love being a Carolina student," said USC Sophomore Constants Adams. "I'm accepted by the minorities here, as well as the non-minorities."

The University of South Carolina is home to roughly 20,000 undergraduate students. Over the past decade the number of minorities, primarily African Americans, has been on a downward trend. The students we talked to say they aren't disturbed by the decline.

"I don't feel like anyone should be like, 'Oh I don't to come here, because there aren't a lot of people that look like me,' because there are," said USC Freshman Jabora Belton.

According to the state Commission on Higher Education, 11.6% or approximately 2,500 students are Black.

"Years ago when institutions were trying to enhance diversity they put together several outreach efforts," said Columbia Urban League President J.T. McLawhorn, Jr.

Those efforts included going to rural and some urban areas to recruit.

USC Student Affairs Vice-President Dennis Pruitt, says the declining economy is behind the falling numbers.

"What we're finding is familes are making choices for their college-education based on cost and how much out of pocket expenses they'll have to pay," said Pruitt.

"At Winthrop College--and tuition is not cheap there either--they have done a fantastic job in increasing the number of minority students," said McLawhorn.

"Remember this--we have more minorities than almost any institution of our type," said Pruitt.

It's a type of school that students like Constants Adams and Jabora Belton consider a perfect fit.