Geography comes to life at local elementary school

First through fifth graders traveled to South American on a giant map at Brennen Elementary School Wednesday morning.

COLUMBIA (WACH)--Students at Brennen Elementary School scaled the peaks of the Andes, traveled down the Amazon River, and hiked through the Brazilian rain forest.

First through fifth graders traveled to South American on a giant map Wednesday morning.

The map is about the size of a gymnasium floor. The event was made possible through the South Carolina Geographic Alliance and the University of South Carolina.

The new teaching tool gave students a hands-on look at the world around them and learned how Geography plays out in their everyday lives.

"Its important to know because you don't want to get lost," said 4th grader Margaret Walker.

Instructor Jerry Mitchell said, "children need to know about the world around them...think about the current events everyday...if we want to prepare them for the jobs for the future and understand the world in the future then we need to provide them opportunities for learning geography at a very early age."

The South Carolina Geographic Alliance is a network of K-12 educators and university geographers using geography to improve the education of our children. The organizations primary goal is to bring the concepts and methods of modern geography to the K-12 classroom by providing high-quality materials to South Carolina classrooms.

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