Haley responds to Darla Moore fall out

Gov. Nikki Haley / FILE

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Gov. Nikki Haley responded to the latest Darla Moore fall out at Monday's Cabinet meeting.

An article published in the Washington Post over the weekend says Gov. Haley replaced Moore on the USC Board of Trustee because she did not show enough interest in keeping her trustee seat.

Haley says she's not wasting anymore time on the issue and is confident Moore's replacement, Lexington Lawyer Tommy Cofield, can do the job.

"You know I think this whole Darla versus Nikki thing is silly," Haley said. "I did what I felt was right. I stand by it. I know that a lot of decisions that I make people won't understand, but I know that they will understand over time."

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The Washington Post article goes on to say Moore did not return Haley's phone calls in a timely fashion and when Haley tried to meet with Moore, she had to wait three weeks.