How to stimulate the state's economy?

Governor Mark Sanford's position on stimulus money continues to generate criticism. Some of it from members of his own party. And State Democratic Party Chair, Carol Fowler thinks Sanford just doesn't get it.

"The big problem is this: If you borrow money from Peter to pay Paul you still owe Peter," said Governor Mark Sanford.

"He wants to reject money from the federal government and send it to other states," said Democratic Chair Carol Fowler.

The ongoing battle continues over how to stimulate South Carolina's economy. On Wednesday Governor Sanford defended his plan to only accept some of the nearly $8 billion, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, allocates to the state."If we would go through the process of spending a bunch of money now that we don't have, we would have a price to pay 24-months from now when those funds dry up," said Sanford.

Fowler believes the governor's concept will hurt, more than help.

"The other governors are already using this money to benefit their states," said Fowler. "He needs to look around him in South Carolina and see that we need some help too."

The governor only wants to accept $700 million of the federal money. And he wants to use it to pay down state debt.

"Of course we would like to spend unlimited amounts of money on education, or for that matter healthcare or for that matter law enforcement," said Sanford. "But you have to do that within the confines of which is sustainable."

Fowler thinks the state economy needs an immediate overhaul.

"This state needs help more than most of the other states," said Fowler. "And it would suit him if we got no help at all."

"The easiest thing to do is take the money," said Sanford. "But I don't think that would be the proper thing."

Sanford has 18-months left in office to turn things around.