Lowe's helps Kershaw County school get new classroom

CAMDEN (WACH) -- Students at Baron DeKalb Elementary now have a new classroom.

The outdoor pavilion gives students the chance to learn in a different environment.

"Alot of it is hands on. To get them out the classroom so that they don't feel stuffed all the time and get them outside in the air," says Candy Anderson counselor at the school.

The School Improvement Council receiving a three thousand dollar education grant from Lowe's to help build it.

The principal says the project is a community affair.

"We have people who came out and donated their time and energy to help with this project," says Betty Turner, principal.

One man Mickey Anderson actually constructed the classroom for free.

He says it was his way of giving back to the school he attended as a kid.

"I wanted to see how much the kids are going to enjoy this and what they're going to learn out of it, says Mickey Anderson.

Teachers say the classroom will enhance teaching and learning by supporting lessons in environmental education, reading, and ecology.

All students will use the outdoor learning space for reading, journal writing, seasonal observations and storytelling.