Midlands Parents Sound Off about the President's Speech

The scheduled 18-minute speech President Barack Obama is set to deliver on Tuesday and it's causing a lot of controversy. Some critics say the President is trying to sidestep parents to plant a socialist agenda in children's heads. Education Secretary Arne Duncan calls that notion "silly." On Monday the White House released the speech in advance to remove all doubt. The speech is about five pages long. No politics, just encouragement for students to do their best. "Anyone who would encourage the kids to stay in school and do their best I think its a great idea," said supporter Paula Davis.

It's an idea, President Obama is taking to the airwaves. On Tuesday the Commander in Chief will address the nation's K through 12th graders with a back-to-school message. Supporters like Claudio Palmas also plan to tune in.

"I definitely think it will help because everything is related to education," said Palmas.

The speech is set to focus on the importance of getting a good education. It's an idea Paula Davis echoes.

"For kids to stay focused on what's important; their grades," said Davis. "Staying focused on doing their best no matter what that is."

For parents Billy and Kay Smith, they're remaining cautiously optimistic.

"If the President does want to have a speech he could have a speech at night, where the parents could be there and say 'This is what we agree with this is what we don't agree with," said Kay Smith.

The parents of three say what they won't agree with having the President use the time to push his own political agenda.

"Everybody knows politics are controversial and it's a slippery slope," said Mr. and Mrs. Smith.