Midlands school honored for welcoming atmosphere

A local high school was honored Monday morning for following the age old rule; 'The customer is always right.'

State Superintendent of Education Jim Rex presented Columbia High School the Red Carpet Award.

The award goes to high schools who have great customer service and welcome parents and other visitors.

The announcement came as a complete surprise to first time principal Shenequa Coles of Columbia High School.

"If we didn't have customers we wouldn't have our business, but obviously it paid off," Coles says. "We have a great school and I'm just glad that's being recognized by this award."

Columbia High School is just one of 124 schools to receive the Red Carpet Award.

Of those 124, six were primary schools, 74 elementary, 22 middle, 14 high and one technical school.

The schools were chosen from 262 applicants. The selection process included anonymous phone calls and visits from judges.

The red carpets will be placed in their lobbies for display.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report)