Parents concerned about iPad use in schools

COLUMBIA (WACH) - More is not necessarily good. That's the message some parents are saying about the use of iPads in Richland School District Two.

Parent Lynn Roth says the district invested millions of dollars into purchasing these iPads which she says contribute to behavioral problems, irregular sleep, and obesity.

Dr. Deborah Greenhouse of the Richland Two Medical Advisory committee says Muller Road Middle School is the only school in the district that use ipads in the classrooms.

"Kids get so close to their technology, that they're a little bit lacking in some social skills," said USC Professor of Public Health Robert Valois. "I've noticed students that aren't real adept at introducing themselves and carrying on a conversation."

Valois says ipads are a great learning tool, but should be used in moderation. He says kids should "unplug" themselves from iPads, cell phones an other devices up to an hour before bedtime to ensure they get a good night's sleep.

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