Playboy visits Columbia looking for new playmate

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Playboy magazine is in Columbia this weekend looking for University of South Carolina students interested in being in an upcoming Girls of the SEC issue.

The magazine is holding a casting call Sunday and Monday at Embassy Suites off Greystone Boulevard. Female candidates can register for an appointment via the Playboy website.

Female applicants must be over age 18 and be registered as a full-time or part-time student at the University of South Carolina. The Playboy website states candidates should bring a photo ID, verification of enrollment, and biographical information including height, weight and measurements.

Playboy says its Girls of the SEC issue will be released in September. The magazine last did an SEC women feature in the October 2007 issue.

WACH Fox News asked students and others in the community Tuesday what they think about this. Is it a sign that people's views are changing when it comes to nudity and sex?

A recent nationwide study shows 60 percent of young adults admit to sending sexually explicit messages or pictures electronically.

According to experts, sexting is a part of the sexual evolution of youth. But what about baring it all for a magazine?

"Now with the internet, it is not just on a printed page, it is on a glowing, glossy screen in a way that draws people in," says Palmetto Family Council President Oran Smith, "so it is more dangerous."

The Palmetto Family Council is a faith-based educational foundation in Columbia. Smith adds the group doesn't oppose Playboy's right to seek women for its upcoming Girls of the SEC issue, but will use the opportunity to raise concerns to parents about the dangers of pornography.

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"Some of the studies we have read said up to 56 percent of divorce cases involve some connection to pornography," Smith says.

WACH Fox News spoke with a USC student who has two friends that posed for Playboy. "They are both extremely successful," says Kimberly Scoggins. "One of them is married and she has a gorgeous little boy."

What do you think about Playboy visiting South Carolina? As always, we want to hear your comments.