Public school dollars could soon fund charter schools

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- Arthur Jackson is just one of the many parents who say a new bill proposed by the South Carolina House Education Committee would do more harm than good.

"You're taking away from the students here in the district," says Jackson.

Jackson is talking about a bill that would change the way charter schools get funded.

If passed by the full house, local districts would be required to fund charter schools.

Parents like Jackson say this is not the way to go.

"You're going to lose the teachers and some of the better students are going to go to the charter schools."

Wednesday House Representatives met to discuss the proposed bill.

Governor Nikki Haley and State Superintendent Mick Zais support the bill.

However, critics and some parents say it would take millions of dollars away from public schools at a time when state funded schools are strapped for cash.

If you take the money from public schools and put it into charter schools the better teachers are going to go where the money is," says Jackson.

State educators say there are eleven institutions in the South Carolina public charter school district.

As of Wednesday afternoon no action was taken on the proposed bill.