SC State University searches for new president

The college is looking for its third president in the past three years.

ORANGEBURG (WACH) -- South Carolina State University's latest president is out; and who will lead the college is now up for consideration.

The college is looking for its third president in the past three years. The numbers don't quite add up for students like Schawn Jamison.

"In order to be successful you have to be a follower, before becoming a leader," said Jamison.

After almost two years as the leader of the institution, Dr. George Cooper will not return for the new school year. The Board of Trustees did not renew Cooper's contract. Jamison says he's now left with countless concerns and little leadership.

"What concerns me most is this is the second person in three years, because we just need someone that can lead and that's our biggest problem right now," said Jamison.

The sentiments are shared by fellow student Briana Reed.

"I feel as though South Carolina State is very unorganized right now," said Reed. "And if we had a president, maybe everything would be organized."

On Thursday the Board of Trustees committee met by teleconference to discuss the presidential dilemma. The meeting was closed to the public and there are few updates on where the search stands. A university spokesperson referred WACH Fox News to the board's president--who was not available for comment.

Although school officials remain tight-lipped about the campus controversy, students are voicing their concerns on what they consider to be a troubling trend.

"I feel as though we are unstable," said Jamison.

The students say they hope the shaky ground will soon stabilize, as the search for what they hope is a permanent president continues.