Special scholarship offers hope to students

High School graduation just took place a week ago. College-bound students are now kicking off their summer break. But some of them aren't having to worry about how to pay for college, thanks to a special scholarship.

Aaron Tisdale has always dreamt of attending college. But like many of his friends money was an issue, until he discovered the Byrnes foundation.

"It will help out with my college since I am not able to financially pay for it on my own," said scholarship recipient Aaron Tisdale.

The foundation named after former South Carolina Governor James Byrnes, gives scholarships to selected individuals who lost one or both of their parents. Tisdale is one of the students honored with the coveted award. He remembers what he felt after the big interview.

"Once I got out of there, I had a good feeling in my heart that I was going to receive it," said Tisdale. "And what do you know? Two weeks later I got the letter and here I am."

Tisdale says the unfolding of that letter is an open door to his future.

"This right here is just the beginning," said Tisdale. "That's just to let me know I can achieve and go anywhere I want to go."

Currently there are 42 scholarship winners attending colleges and universities. Governor James F. Byrnes created the foundation back in 1948.