USC says "No" to fraternity rushes

University of South Carolina officials have postponed fraternity recruitment. / FILE

COLUMBIA (WACH) -- In what is being called an unprecedented move by some, University of South Carolina officials have postponed fraternity recruitment.

The Daily Gamecock reported Thursday that the decision was made after alcohol issues were documented in 6 of the 18 fraternities, according to Director of Student Services Anna Edwards. The fraternities with violations were not identified.

Edwards said that fraternity leaders had been warned that actions would be taken if changes were not made within the recruitment process that would address the drinking issue. Edwards said that the leaders were taxed with finding a solution, which included a guaranteed dry rush , a probation period, and a reduction in the rush period, which were all turned down.

Read more Clemson police test party registration system Clemson restricts frats, sororities over alcohol Universities try to control students off campus Edwards said that they were looking for leaders to recognize this is not the way fraternity life should be. And until we have groups who can be honest and we have men who can be honorable, I think we have work to do.

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Jerry Brewer, speaking to reporters Friday, cited alcohol issues during rush parties. He said USC officials met with fraternity chapter presidents and outlined their concern about the issue and how to move forward. "We have a leadership crisis with our male students. We have to work with that and hopefully we can come up with answers. I know that's one of the initiatives that our president is challenging us with and we are going to work hard at it," said Brewer.

Brewer said at this point no fraternities are being expelled and that they hope to have recruitment back online soon.

According to USC, sorority rushes are not affected.

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