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      Haley accuser's polygraph results inconclusive

      Just one day before the polls open across the state, one of the men claiming he had an affair with GOP candidate Nikki Haley sat down Monday to back up his claim. Lobbyist Larry Marchant took a polygraph test at his attorney's office in downtown Columbia.

      WACH Fox hired two separate independent polygraph examiners to conduct the test, and a WACH Fox News representative was present Monday afternoon to observe.

      Marchant officially tested "inconclusive." However; independent polygraph examiner John Davis said the the test results show no indication that Marchant was being untruthful in his answers.

      Davis is a retired polygraph examiner with the Sumter County Sheriff's Dept. He has been a licensed polygraph examiner in South Carolina since 1997. WACH Fox hired Davis to perform the polygraph exam.

      Davis said it's common for initial polygraph exams to come back inconclusive and it can require as many as three exams to obtain results from a subject who is telling the truth.

      "I can tell you if I was going to bet my next paycheck as to whether or not he was telling the truth about the allegations he has made, I would bet that sooner or later he would pass that test successfully," says the second licensed examiner, Joseph Gallimore.

      Polygraph scores range from negative to positive based on whether a subject appears to be lying or telling the truth, said Davis. A score of +4 is required to "pass" a polygraph test. Marchant scored +3 on the question of whether he had sex with Nikki Haley during a trip to Salt Lake City, as he has publicly claimed.

      Marchant said he is willing to retake the test, but said the examiners requested he wait a few days for the stress of the test and media attention to pass.

      Marchant's attorney Marion Moses said if his client was being deceitful the results would have come back as negative instead of inconclusive.

      According to Davis, there are several reasons a test may come back inconclusive, including stress and distractions.

      Marchant, along with blogger Will Folks, both came forward with claims of having a physical relationship with Haley that made national headlines. Last week, after neither accusers had offered any proof, WACH Fox News invited both Marchant and Folks to take a lie-detector test.

      Marchant accepted the invitation Friday under the condition that WACH Fox News announce to Haley that he is challenging her to take the test and get her response on camera.

      Cameras caught up with Haley at an Upstate campaign event.

      "What are you going to do, start strapping polygraph tests to everybody making an allegation?" Haley told a reporter from our partner FOX Carolina. "I think we need to be practical here."

      Folks contacted WACH Fox News Friday morning, however he did not tell us whether he would submit to the lie detector test.

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