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      House, Senate debate voter ID bill

      Photo Credit: Adam Pinsker

      COLUMBIA (WACH, AP) -- The South Carolina House has approved an agreement on a measure requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls.

      The House voted 71-36 on Tuesday to accept a compromise worked out last week by a committee of House and Senate members.

      The Senate expects to take up the agreement later this week. Approval from the Senate would move the measure to the governor's desk.

      A committee of House and Senate members agreed last week to limit the measure to voter identification and remove a provision that created a two-week window of early voting before Election Day.

      The Legislative Black Caucus held a news conference Tuesday to protest the bill. Opponents say the measure will suppress the vote of minorities, the elderly and the disabled. They say the bill will be costly to taxpayers and burdensome for the 178,000 voters who lack a driver's license.

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      Republicans say it's about voter integrity.

      "If there is a case of voter fraud in South Carolina, or has been, let them bring it," says Rep. Todd Rutherford. "Let them bring it or stop wasting the state over a million dollars in fixing a problem that doesn't exist. Ask them how many jobs have they created. Ask them what have they done to make this state better."

      Rutherford says if the bill is passed, military members, federal employees and college students would not be allowed to vote unless they have a vaild South Carolina driver's license.

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